Girl & Glue Stick



Lightbulb Blackout

A collaboration with T.J. Piccolo (you’ve met him before); Oxford, MS, August 2017.


{Cardboard, book pages, permanent marker, CD, lightbulb, wire. (Also duct tape and a couple kinds of glue.)} Continue reading “Lightbulb Blackout”

DIY | Recycled Wrapping

It’s Jesus’s bday month, and that means it’s time to wrap some presents! (Also if you’re Christian, maybe church or something?) Recently I read an article on repurposed wrapping and thought I’d give it a try. If you can hold a glue stick and safely operate scissors, you can do this. Promise.


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You Win

Cornelius, NC, September 2016. 


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A College Collage

Workshop with UKirk Davidson; Davidson, NC, September 2016.


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A Windy Day

A reflection on Acts 2:1-21; Mobile, AL, May 2016. 

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Another e(ART)h day

The Littlest Workshop at Gallery 450; Mobile, AL, April 2016.


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Until Sunday

A reflection for Good Friday and Holy Saturday; Mobile, AL, March 2016. 

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The Thing with Feathers

Inspired by Emily Dickinson’s “Hope is the thing with feathers;”  Mobile, AL, December 2015.

thing with feathers

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Reaching and Waiting

A reflection on Psalm 27, Advent bulletin art for Davidson College Presbyterian Church; Mobile, AL, December 2015.

Psalm 27

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