Girl & Glue Stick



Rachel + John

For the newly-minted Penmores; Oxford, MS, July 2018. 

{Paper, colored pencil, and ink.}

This is the original that I framed for Rachel and John, but they also had a coloring page version for their wedding day! Bonus fun fact: the paw prints are in honor of Frank, one of the best puppers I know. ❤

I Believe

Cover art for Davidson College Presbyterian Church’s 2018 Lent devotional; Oxford, MS, January 2018.

My artistic adventure this time was to craft an image related to DCPC’s Lent devotional theme, proclaimed by the organizers to be “I Believe.” Before I say more about what you see, I think it’s worth mentioning some bits about how we got here.

Me when I heard the theme: “Oh okay cool, yeah that makes a lot of sense for a devotional.” Me five minutes later: “Waiiit a minute, what does ‘I Believe’ actually look like?” Continue reading “I Believe”

Write Your Own Psalm

Drawn for UKirk Ole Miss; Oxford, MS, August 2017.

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Summer Sippin’

When your mom plots party favors for the annual reunion and you’re the family’s resident doodler… Continue reading “Summer Sippin’”

Jars for the Journey

Bulletin cover coloring page inspired by Isaiah 46:1-4 and 2 Corinthians 4:7-12, for my ordination service at Davidson College Presbyterian Church; Oxford, MS, March 2017.

Ordination bulletin cover{Paper and pen.}

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To All Who Enter

For a family member’s front door; Cornelius, NC, December 2016.


{Canvas, acrylic, and ink.}

2016 was a bit of a doozy. It seems to me like we’d do well to offer each other peace as we venture into a new year.

T-Shirt Time

Over the course of many years of school, a handful of years in youth group, and five summers at assorted camps, t-shirts have had a pretty constant presence in my wardrobe. Occasionally, my doodles are the ones that end up on them. Just for funsies, here are a few designs in which I’ve had a hand. (Do me a favor and try to look past the wrinkles…)

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A Windy Day

A reflection on Acts 2:1-21; Mobile, AL, May 2016. 

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The Thing with Feathers

Inspired by Emily Dickinson’s “Hope is the thing with feathers;”  Mobile, AL, December 2015.

thing with feathers

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