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Another e(ART)h day

The Littlest Workshop at Gallery 450; Mobile, AL, April 2016.


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e(ART)h care

Workshop at the Youth Climate Convergence co-sponsored by Georgia Interfaith Power and Light (GIPL) and the Alliance for Climate Education (ACE); Decatur, GA, April 2015.

If God is an artist and creation a masterpiece, how can we be reverent curators?

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Tree of Life

Final project for The Bible and Visual Art; Columbia Theological Seminary, Spring 2014.

First, let’s just take a second and appreciate how awesome it is that my seminary actually had a class called “The Bible and Visual Art.” That really was a thing. (Shout out to the OT professor who made it happen.) In said class, we started all the way back with Greek and Roman sculpture, talking about the different ways in which people portrayed divinity. We looked at imagery from cultures all over the world, inside Christian worshiping spaces and outside of them, finally ending with some modern biblically inspired art.

Given the option of making art instead of a paper, I liked the idea of trying to bring together the assorted cultures and styles we’d studied into one cohesive symbol. My train of thought rolled into the station of altar crosses — the ones that often sit up front in a sanctuary on the Table. Ever making use of my stash of recyclables, I made a cross out of some cardboard (a feat that ended surprisingly well, given that I don’t have near the amount of patience necessary for measuring things), and got to exploring it.

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For Lent devotional book at Davidson College Presbyterian Church; February 2014.

Human Collage

{Paper, magazine clippings, book pages, and pen.}

An exploration of one of the many answers to Jesus’ question: “Who do you say that I am?” Especially in the Lenten season of preparing to observe the earthly death and resurrection of Christ, I think it’s important to connect with Jesus’ humanity. Jesus walked on the ground and got dirt between his toes. Jesus breathed air and ate food and gave food to others. So many of the verbs that Jesus lived during his time on earth are the same ones we live today.

Jesus Preaches in Nazareth

Final project for New Testament Exegesis: Philippians and Luke; Columbia Theological Seminary, Fall 2013. 

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make any noise? Here’s a reflection on Luke 4: 16-30.

{Canvas, acrylic paint, Nat Geo magazines, coffee filters, candy wrapper, and permanent marker.}

John 6: 52-59

A reflection on John 6: 52-59 for the Lent devotional book at Davidson College Presbyterian Church; January 2013.


{Magazines, newspaper, coffee filter, paper grocery bag, tissue paper, glitter glue, hemp string, plastic packaging, permanent markers, wire, glass beads, cotton string, acrylic paint, envelope, foam packaging, and cardboard. (Used in the process: coffee grounds, glue stick)}

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