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An Easter Swim

A coloring page commissioned by Telos @ Southminster Presbyterian Church; Oxford, MS, March 2018. 

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Prayer to Go: College Edition

If you’re in the business of (or generally interested in) church leadership, you might’ve seen floating around the interwebs the idea of take out boxes for faith. Sometimes they’re designed for liturgical seasons like Lent or Advent; other times they’re distributed for seasons like summer, when mayyyybe folks don’t get to church as often. The idea is that people can take the box home, and in it find supplies and instructions for practices to deepen their faith.

As I realized that I’d love to offer something like this to my college students, I also noticed that all the pre-made lists I’d found felt pretty specifically developed for families with kids. They either included activities obviously for children, or practices like baking bread that required time and tools many members of my college congregation don’t necessarily have. So after a lot of googling, some Facebook asking, Pinteresting, personal brainstorming, and a little doodling, we’ve arrived at this college-geared Prayer to Go. If this sounds up your alley, keep reading to find what I included in the boxes (all the goods for a daily practice and weekly ones), where I got the supplies, and a printable or three for good measure. Continue reading “Prayer to Go: College Edition”

Thanks for the Bread

We pray this prayer most school-year Tuesdays as a part of Communion celebrations at UKirk Ole Miss; Oxford, MS, 2017.


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Shepherd Story

2017 Christmas card and Christmas Eve bulletin art for Davidson College Presbyterian Church, inspired by Luke 2:8-18; Oxford, MS, December 2017.


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Traveling Instructions

A homily on Matthew 10:5-14 preached at UKirk Ole Miss‘s end-of-year gathering; Oxford, MS, May 2017. Continue reading “Traveling Instructions”

A Startling Star

Because I don’t have kids or pets to put on my Christmas cards; Cornelius, NC, October 2016.


{Canvas, coffee filters, acrylic paint, paper bag, magazines, book pages, permanent marker, cardboard, bamboo sushi mat, burlap, aluminum can, aluminum foil. Used in the process: bubble wrap.}

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A Transfiguration Sunday sermon on Exodus 34:29-35 and Luke 9:28-36 preached at Government Street Presbyterian Church; Mobile, AL, February 2016.

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Sit. Listen. Ask.

A sermon on Luke 2: 41-52 (with special guest star Samuel) preached at Government Street Presbyterian Church; Mobile, AL, December 2015.

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Jesus Knew, And

A Maundy Thursday homily on John 13: 1-17 preached at Oglethorpe Presbyterian Church; Atlanta, GA, April 2014.

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