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A Startling Star

Because I don’t have kids or pets to put on my Christmas cards; Cornelius, NC, October 2016.


{Canvas, coffee filters, acrylic paint, paper bag, magazines, book pages, permanent marker, cardboard, bamboo sushi mat, burlap, aluminum can, aluminum foil. Used in the process: bubble wrap.}

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Another e(ART)h day

The Littlest Workshop at Gallery 450; Mobile, AL, April 2016.


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Reaching and Waiting

A reflection on Psalm 27, Advent bulletin art for Davidson College Presbyterian Church; Mobile, AL, December 2015.

Psalm 27

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Johnesis 1

Final Project for A Dwelling Place for God: Creation, Eschatology, and Ecology; Columbia Theological Seminary, Fall 2014.

photo 1

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Jesus Preaches in Nazareth

Final project for New Testament Exegesis: Philippians and Luke; Columbia Theological Seminary, Fall 2013. 

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make any noise? Here’s a reflection on Luke 4: 16-30.

{Canvas, acrylic paint, Nat Geo magazines, coffee filters, candy wrapper, and permanent marker.}

An Ode to Coffee

A just-for-fun reflection on one of my favorite things; Decatur, GA, May 2013.

photo{Paper, brewed coffee, coffee grounds, Mod Podge, coffee filters, cardboard coffee cup sleeves, watercolor paint, and coffee bags.}

Mo(u)rning Has Broken

A reflection on Easter; Decatur, GA, March 2013.


{Cardboard, newspapers, watercolor paint, coffee filters, and ribbon.}

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