Girl & Glue Stick



Let’s Talk

Montreat, NC; September 2018.


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Life + Lemons

For T.J.; Oxford, MS, February 2018.


{Canvas and acrylic paint.}

Inspired by my person’s recent move across town, and his preference for this particular mixed drink.

P.S. If you like cocktails in general, check out our pal @ericamakesdrinks on Insta — really pretty pictures of really tasty beverages!


Shepherd Story

2017 Christmas card and Christmas Eve bulletin art for Davidson College Presbyterian Church, inspired by Luke 2:8-18; Oxford, MS, December 2017.


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Even Though

Adapted from a reflection on Psalm 27 for a joint campus ministry Advent devotional; Oxford, MS, November 2017. (See the original devo here.)

During the season of Advent, we hear a lot of “wait for the Lord!,” and this psalm certainly doesn’t leave that out. But as I reflected on the rest of it, I found one of the most striking parts to be the way the psalmist so explicitly names all of the things they’re up against.  Evildoers devouring flesh, adversaries and armies encamped. War and false witnesses breathing out violence…


And still, the confident claim…

I believe that I shall see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.


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BRB Still Persisting

For a friend; Oxford, MS, May 2017.

DSC_0180 2

{Canvas and acrylic paint. Used in the process: corrugated cardboard, bamboo sushi mat, old letterpress letters.} Continue reading “BRB Still Persisting”

DIY | Birds of a Feather

A recent project to spruce up a blank wall. If you can hold scissors and a spray paint can, you can do this too! 
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She Persisted

For my friend Sarah; Oxford, MS, March 2017.


{Canvas and acrylic paint.}

It’s not every day that an accidental battle cry as good as this one comes along. Of course I couldn’t resist making my own take on it.

Desert Prayer

A reflection on Psalm 143 for Davidson College Presbyterian Church’s Lenten devotional book; Cornelius, NC, January 2017.

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Turning Toward

A reflection on Isaiah 58:1-12 for Davidson College Presbyterian Church’s Lenten devotional book; Cornelius, NC, January 2017.


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