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Life + Lemons

For T.J.; Oxford, MS, February 2018.


{Canvas and acrylic paint.}

Inspired by my person’s recent move across town, and his preference for this particular mixed drink.

P.S. If you like cocktails in general, check out our pal @ericamakesdrinks on Insta — really pretty pictures of really tasty beverages!


Breathe, then…

Commissioned by my friend Natalie for my-friend-and-her-sister Sarah (of Do Love Walk fame); Oxford, MS, March 2017.

{Paper, pen, and colored pencil.}

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She Persisted

For my friend Sarah; Oxford, MS, March 2017.


{Canvas and acrylic paint.}

It’s not every day that an accidental battle cry as good as this one comes along. Of course I couldn’t resist making my own take on it.

To All Who Enter

For a family member’s front door; Cornelius, NC, December 2016.


{Canvas, acrylic, and ink.}

2016 was a bit of a doozy. It seems to me like we’d do well to offer each other peace as we venture into a new year.

Ordination Inspiration

For the Rev. Lauren Peters on her ordination day; Mobile, AL, April 2016.


{Acrylic and paint pen on canvas. Also used in the process: corrugated cardboard.}

For the Rev. Landon Dillard on her ordination day; Cornelius, NC, November 2016.


{Acrylic and paint pen on canvas.}

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The Thing with Feathers

Inspired by Emily Dickinson’s “Hope is the thing with feathers;”  Mobile, AL, December 2015.

thing with feathers

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Do, Love, Walk.

Micah 6:8; Mobile, AL, December 2015.

Sarah, who you’ve met before, also asked me to make these — one for her, and one for her sister Natalie. Fun fact: Natalie is a YAV serving in Miami! She shares about it here.

micah 6micah 6 blue green

{Paper, pen, and colored pencil.}

Keep On Doing

Philippians 4:8-9 (ish); Mobile, AL, December 2015.

My friend Sarah (of ethics project fame) hangs out with college students and other young adults in Memphis, and she asked me to make these for two of her students who are graduating (congrats, friends!).

If you’re interested in learning more about the PC (USA)’s ministries with college students, check out the denomination’s UKirk website.

Psalm 27 B

Psalm 27 A{Paper, pen, and colored pencil.}

More hope…I hope.

Mobile, AL, November 2015.

When I think about what’s happening in the world right now (things that have been happening for some time), “uncertainty” is a word that finds its way forward in my consciousness. It’s honestly probably not strong enough language for current events. I have a lot of thoughts (a handful of half-written-but-never-posted Facebook statuses prove it). As I’ve mentioned before, sometimes my visual explorations are just about asking questions. Feeling full of questions and not quite brave enough to venture toward an entirely blank cardboard canvas (sorry, no glue stick in this one), I decided to ask an old book page what it had to say.

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