These prayer beads were included in our Prayer to Go boxes, and the beads themselves are adapted from this book by Kristen E. Vincent (you can also read more about them on her website). I wrote the following reflection prompts for use as a prayer station during worship at UKirk Ole Miss.


As you hold each bead…

Invitatory Bead | Say hello in whatever way feels right. “Holy One/Dear Lord/Hey God…”

Resurrection Bead | “We look toward Christ who is risen. But he trudged through a lot to get there.”

1st Cruciform Bead | “Christ who is constantly humble, on your last night with your closest friends, you knew what was coming. And you still sat down to eat. To wash their feet.”

Weeks Beads, Set 1 | On each bead, give thanks to God for an act of service you have seen or experienced.

2nd Cruciform Bead | “Despite the love you had shown them, Lord, your followers still put their own comfort before your life, condemning you to the cross.”

Weeks Beads, Set 2 | On each bead, confess a way that you (or humans in general, or our society) could better live toward the example that Jesus sets for us.

3rd Cruciform Bead | “Between death and new life, O God, we know all too well the complicated space of uncertainty. May I quiet my heart and mind enough to hear your words of assurance:

Weeks Beads, Set 3 | On each bead, pray with a deep breath in and out this verse from Psalm 46: “Be still and know; that I am God.”

4th Cruciform Bead | “God who never stops creating, you gather the dust of my doubts and fears, shaping it into soil from which new fruits might grow.”

Weeks Beads, Set 4 | On each bead, think of a particular situation, person, or part of your life to which God might bring the promise of hope.

Resurrection Bead | “We look toward Christ who is risen. Thanks be to God.”

Invitatory Bead | “Amen.”