Bulletin cover coloring page inspired by Isaiah 46:1-4 and 2 Corinthians 4:7-12, for my ordination service at Davidson College Presbyterian Church; Oxford, MS, March 2017.

Ordination bulletin cover{Paper and pen.}

I couldn’t very well plan an authentic ordination service without some color! So I thought I’d let people add their own, and I set out to make the front of the worship bulletin a coloring page.


I’m delighted that my friends and family played along, even as far away as Ohio! If you’ve got a hankering to color your own, here’s a full page PDF:


When I first read the texts for this day from Isaiah and 2 Corinthians, I started thinking about the ways God sustains us even when the road is long, and by now most of you will not be surprised to know that nature imagery came to mind. The way sunrise slowly but surely, quietly but confidently, nudges away the night. The way a morning mist settles on and soaks into every surface in can find. The way rivers can carve canyons even when the rock seems impossibly tough. I set out to draw sunrise, and a river. By the time I was done the water felt more like a trail. After all this ordination day was the culmination of about four years of intentional preparation, not to mention the twenty-fourish years of life before that. And who doesn’t love some good journey imagery, twists, turns, hills and all? Still I suppose it could be both, depending on what colors you pick!

There’s more than one person up on the hill. We’re never really alone, even when it feels like it or when we mess up along the way. They’re facing different directions. Sometimes we’re paying attention to that Jesus guy, remembering the profound love God showed us through him and remembering that death doesn’t have the final word. Other times we forget.

Then there are the jars, all along the road or river, for the ways God keeps us going, through people or places or that deep calm that comes over us when we take the risk to trust the Holy Spirit.

Thanks be to God. Now let’s get to work!