Commissioned by my friend Natalie for my-friend-and-her-sister Sarah (of Do Love Walk fame); Oxford, MS, March 2017.

{Paper, pen, and colored pencil.}

This past January, Sarah, Natalie, and I (plus about a thousand of our closest friends) saw Valarie Kaur speak at College Conference at Montreat. She’s a Sikh filmmaker, civil rights lawyer, activist, and very kind person, who proclaims storytelling as a means for social change and revolutionary love as “the call of our times.” During her keynote address to the conference, Valarie asked:

“What if this darkness is not the darkness of the tomb, but the darkness of the womb?”

She recounted a midwife’s words and reminded us that even when the work to do seems overwhelming, the task in front of us is to breathe, then push. To hear more from her, including these words, check out this video from a Watch Night service in Washington, D.C. this past New Year’s Eve.