For the Rev. Lauren Peters on her ordination day; Mobile, AL, April 2016.


{Acrylic and paint pen on canvas. Also used in the process: corrugated cardboard.}

For the Rev. Landon Dillard on her ordination day; Cornelius, NC, November 2016.


{Acrylic and paint pen on canvas.}

As any young adult can likely tell you, newsfeeds these days are mostly full of weddings, babies, and the occasional house purchase. As a recent-ish seminary grad, there are an increasing number of ordinations thrown in the mix too. This is exciting! Those of you familiar with the process to become a PC(USA) pastor know that it can be a long and arduous one. Ordinations are definitely cause for celebration, and celebrations are always more fun with presents.

I don’t even remember where I first saw this quotation by professor and theologian Sandra M. Schneiders, but when I saw it, it stuck. It’s a (slightly snarky) reminder that even the classic and widely proclaimed doctrine of the Trinity might be insufficient to grasp the multifaceted depth of God. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not so bold a heretic as to say we should toss the Trinity. Maybe I’m just motivated by all the people who have said to me “Really? You don’t look like a pastor.” At any rate, these seemed appropriate words to celebrate two of my dear friends who also happen to be young adult lady pastors (or as I like to call them…pastors). The Church is in good hands, y’all.