Over the course of many years of school, a handful of years in youth group, and five summers at assorted camps, t-shirts have had a pretty constant presence in my wardrobe. Occasionally, my doodles are the ones that end up on them. Just for funsies, here are a few designs in which I’ve had a hand. (Do me a favor and try to look past the wrinkles…)

Columbia Theological Seminary, Spring 2013.

Pretty much everyone I went to seminary with will now laugh (or at least roll their eyes) any time they hear the words “imaginative” or “resilient.” Let’s just say we’ve all heard this phrase a few times. This was definitely a team effort — several of us gathered to brainstorm ideas, then a graphic designer classmate turned my sermon-sketchbook doodle into the real deal.

Greek School; Columbia Theological Seminary, Summer 2013.

Ah, Greek School. Two semesters of Greek language in (at the time) eight weeks. Of course a t-shirt had to bond our class together to commemorate all we had endured.

Calvin Center, Summer 2015.


Urban Mission Camp (Government Street Presbyterian Church), Summer 2016.

dsc_0403Coincidentally this design was also the design for my senior chapel week in seminary. Two themes for the price of one!