Workshop at the Youth Climate Convergence co-sponsored by Georgia Interfaith Power and Light (GIPL) and the Alliance for Climate Education (ACE); Decatur, GA, April 2015.

If God is an artist and creation a masterpiece, how can we be reverent curators?

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{Vinyl banner, cardboard, magazine pages, plastic packaging, Mardi Gras beads, film strips, burlap, watercolor paint, paper, colored pencil shavings, fabric.}

Before the workshop, I sketched out the image, then the cardboard got cut into smaller pieces that each participant would adopt. (Special thanks to my roommate Lauren for her guest appearance in drawing the planet’s land masses.)


After a little discussion, workshop participants each grabbed their piece(s) of the puzzle, and covered it color-by-numbers style with things from our stash of trash. I had to break out the heavy artillery to assemble our work onto an old GIPL banner.

A girl and her glue gun. Check out GIPL’s YCC album for more photos from the event, including this action shot.